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ATV Operation Guide


1. Always seek landowner permission before operating your ATV.

2. Respect private property you have permission to operate on and operate your ATV.

3. Become a member of your local ATV club. If there is not a club in your area, help in the forming of one.

4. Take an ATV education course and then become a certified instructor so that you can help pass the education along to others.

5. Become involved and help in the creation of trails. Seeking and receiving landowner permission before a trail is developed is a must.

6. Stay on designated trails at all times. Straying from the trail can jeopardize landowner permission for the trail in the future.

7. Avoid operating an ATV when conditions are such that excessive damage will be done which in turn may lead to erosion problems. (Example: mud season Spring and Fall).


1. Do not operate an ATV on a maintained snowmobile trail any time of the year except when landowner permission has been given or it is also a designated ATV trail.

2 Do not operate an ATV on a private road without landowner permission.

3. Do not operate an ATV on, along or adjacent to a railroad track or within the right of way of a railroad. Abandoned railroad right of ways that have had the tracks removed may be used if the use has been approved by the landowner.

4. Do not operate an ATV within 200 feet of any dwelling, hospital, nursing home, convalescent home or church.

5. Do not operate an  ATV on any salt marsh, intertidal zone, marine sand beach, sand dunes, cemetary or burial place, alpine tundra or unfrozen freshwater bag or marsh.

6. Do not operate an ATV on any croplands or pasture land or tree plantations.

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