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Using Camping Stoves For Camping

If you think about camping, the most likely thing in your is campfires or tents. In fact it is the highlight on an ideal camping experience. Campers sit around the campfire for dinner and then to swap stories, to relax, to play music and to just listen to what other people have to say. Besides being a place for cooking, the campfire is also a place of comfort that wards off the night chill. You'll stay warm as long as you have enough fuel. The fire may also be used to ward off wild animals.

However, the trouble with campfires is that they tend to leave ugly scars on the environment. Fire can be a friend as well as an enemy. When you can't control the fire, it becomes the enemy. Careless campers leave their fire partially alive and this has caused many forest fires in the past and continues to do so.

Some hiking trails even ban the use of campfires to protect the environment. Nature lovers have been using camping stoves for a long time. For warmth, insulation in down sleeping bags is sufficient if not more than enough for even the coldest of nights if you also use tents. It is not necessary to depend on the campfire or camp stove for warmth anymore. Camping lanterns are often used as a source of light. Stoves are mainly for cooking and heating purposes.

There were only 3 types of camping stoves; propane stoves, liquid-fuel camping stoves and alcohol stoves. But now Biolite adds a fourth type. Most will use either propane stoves or liquid-fuel stoves. Alcohol stoves take too long to cook with. You can also choose between stoves that are portable or full-sized double burners.

Liquid fuel camping stoves are the backpacker's preferred stove.The stove itself is more expensive than propane stoves but it is much more fuel efficient. You'll save a lot more money using liquid fuel camping stoves compared to using cartridge camping stoves.

Gas stoves or propane stoves are convenient for hikers because they're so easy to use. But because the gas cartridges cannot be refilled you might have problems with fuel availability because sometimes a certain type of gas cartridge might not be available at some places.

Even though gas stoves are convenient they can still be dangerous if proper maintenance is not taken care of. Leaks on this type of camping stove can cause explosions.

Try to avoid using your camping stove inside your tent. Starting up a liquid-fuel camping stove in a tent is suicidal because the initial flare can be unpredictable. You can safely light up a cartridge stove inside a tent but you must make sure that the tent in well ventilated or you risk poisoning and death.

If you're in the mountains there is no way you can build a campfire so in this case a camping stove becomes an essential gear. Be sure you enough fuel for the whole trip and make sure you test your stove at home before going for the trip. Fix anything that needs to be fixed.

Make sure that you read the instructions of the camp stove from start to finish before you start using it. You'll be able to make full use of your camping stove if you follow the correct procedures properly.

 Biolite is the more environmentally friendly method.


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