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$5 + per new membership The largest RV Club in the world. The Good Sam Club offers its members discounts at RV parks & campgrounds, discounts on RV parts & accessories, free RV trip routing, discounts on gas and diesel, and so much more.

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Good Sam RV Emergency Road Service (ERS)
$15 per new ERS membership
This is the most comprehensive RV road service available, providing towing and road service for RVs and all household cars, minivans, SUVs, pickups and boat trailers. Benefits include family coverage, flat tire service, jump starts and travel delay assistance.


RV Emergency Road Service

The Good Sam Club is the World’s Largest RV owner’s organization with nearly ONE MILLION member families. Did you know that the state of Maine is currently the home of over 5,000 of those member families? It’s a number that continues to grow as Good Sam increases it’s offering of services beyond roadside assistance, extended warranty protection, and consumer advocacy.

We’re certain those associated with Maine Good Sam fully agree with Sue Bray, executive director of the Good Sam Club, when she says, "For many RVers, cruising the country in their RV isn't enough -- these travelers want to make the world a better place."1 Where can these RVers find a place to make good intentions a reality? Many of us need not think twice to give the answer, ‘The place to get the job done is in a Good Sam Chapter!’

Increased publicity of our great organization has attracted many new faces to chapter meetings and to our Samborees. Certainly we are very far from recruiting a significant percentage of the 5,000 plus members to join us in our regular activities. Economic woes and a hectic lifestyle seem to be key barriers potential chapter members toss out as to why they cannot attend regular chapter meetings.

There is no denying that often the available leisure time is measured in minutes instead of hours. Many find themselves each day at the computer checking emails and trying to keep pace with a fast moving world. In the spirit of bringing the proverbial Mountain to Mohamed, several months ago we established an internet presence on Facebook, an on-line meeting place.

To our pleasant surprise we now have over 500 individuals who receive a one or two sentence message each day about our Samborees, hear what chapter members are accomplishing, and allow them an opportunity to comment. We often hear that they have a strong interest in what we all proudly call ‘the Samaritan Spirit’. The heart is willing, but their clocks and calendars say, “We’re too busy!’.

Most are people who are ‘At Large’ Good Sam members who want a forum to become involved with the core values of Maine Good Sams. Hopefully, this keeps them in the loop so they will continue to have a desire to be active participants in Maine Good Sam. After extended dialog with Good Sam headquarters, a decision was made to unveil an On-Line Chapter to attendees at the 2009 Fall Samboree.

The information gathered confirmed there was enough interest to proceed and in mid-September word came from California clearing the way for a new “Dirigo e-Sams Inlt. Chapter”. Members, most of which are currently ‘At Large’, will be afforded a real Chapter Charter, have a very unique set of by-laws, will tackle community needs, and be fully expected to be contributors to our Samborees, the same as members of all traditional chapters.

Any Good Sam member can belong to more than one chapter (keeping in mind they can hold office in only one). ‘Seasoned’ Chapter members may want to get involved to help answer questions. Also remember, Chapter membership is not restricted by geographic location. There are none that feel there is any substitute for the face to face warmth our current chapters offer. It is hoped that members of this on-line chapter will soon migrate to traditional meeting styles and hopefully become involved with you.

Please join us in welcoming these pioneers!

Good Sam Continued Service Plan (CSP)
$8 per new valid CSP quote
CSP is a full-service mechanical breakdown insurance plan that covers the coach, engine, appliances, and accessories. CSP covers components of every major system and pays directly to the service center, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada


Good Sam Extended Service Plan RV Warranty

Good Sam VIP
$8 per new valid VIP quote
Good Sam VIP is full-coverage vehicle insurance plan offered to Good Sam members by GMAC Insurance.


VIP Insurance from The Good Sam Club

Trailer Life Directory & Books
%10 per sale
In addition to the popular annual Trailer Life Directory, Trailer Life offers a wide selection of magazines, atlases and books devoted to enhancing the RV lifestyle.


Trailer Life Directory 2009 - Order Now, Save 45%

Camp Club USA
$12 + per new membership
Camp Club USA is the first discount camping club ever to guarantee 50% off nightly rates at top quality campgrounds to its members. Membership also includes the annual directory of campgrounds filled with maps, directions, amenity information and more.
Get the Best Deals on Campsites - Sure beats stamp collecting!

RV Campgrounds - The site contains directory of campgrounds and RV parks in USA and Canada.

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