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All about having and using a hydroponics grow system for your plants

There are some myths regarding hydroponic home system that must be removed. It is neither expensive nor difficult. In fact, it requires a minimal amount of parts for building it up.

These parts include the tray or the growing chamber. This is where the plant roots will be resting. The roots will be getting their nutrients from here only. This tray has to protect the roots from excessive heat and light. It cannot be made of metal as that may react with the nutrients. Bigger plants will have bigger roots while the smaller plants will have smaller roots. The growing chamber has to be designed accordingly.

An optional feature is the grow lights. The best thing to use is natural sunlight. It is free as well as highly affordable. But in case that is not possible, then grow lights is the only option. These mimic sunlight. Hence the hydroponic home system is a real good option for your home.


 Hydroponics is an agricultural branch, which deals with the growth of plants without the use of water instead of soil. Hydroponics systems have been used since the ancient Egyptian and Mexican civilization, but the practice has only gained popularity in the past few years.

Types of hydroponics systems

1) Wick system - this is a simple system, where the nutrients are fed into a growing medium from a reservoir using a wick.
2) Water culture - this is an active system, where the plants are held on a platform and floated on the nutrient solution.
3) Ebb and flow system - the ebb and flow system is comprised of a growing tray and a reservoir. The growing tray is flooded with the nutrient solution for a short period, and then it is drained back to the reservoir.
4) Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system - in this system, solution is fed to the growing tube using a pump, here it flows over the plant roots, before it drains back to the reservoir.
5) Drip system - it is the most popular hydroponic system. The nutrient solution is pumped onto the base of the plants, and the excess solution drained back into the reservoir. A timer is used to control the pumping and draining
6) Aeroponic- this is a high-tech system, the roots hangs in the air, and they are misted with the nutrient solution after every few minutes.

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