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We are very pleased to bring you the high quality Japanese kitchen and field knives from Kanetsune.Kanetsune has the greatest number of sword and knife craftsmen in all of Japan. 

Akatsuki Kanetsune KB213

KB213 - Akatsuki Kanetsune KB213

Your price: $94.95
Gyuto Kanetsune KC101

KC101 - Gyuto Kanetsune KC101

Your price: $196.95
Gyuto Kanetsune KC202

KC202 - Gyuto Kanetsune KC202

Your price: $154.95
Gyuto Kanetsune Knife

KC301 - Gyuto Kanetsune Knife

Your price: $105.95
Hana Kanetsune KB120

KB120 - Hana Kanetsune KB120

Your price: $349.95
Hoko Kanetsune KB127

KB127 - Hoko Kanetsune KB127

Your price: $245.95
Irodori Kanetsune KB208

KB208 - Irodori Kanetsune KB208

Your price: $158.95
Kikori Kanetsune KB133

KB133 - Kikori Kanetsune KB133

Your price: $186.95
Nishiki Kanetsune KB224

KB224 - Nishiki Kanetsune KB224

Your price: $138.95
Ryo Kanetsune KB130

KB130 - Ryo Kanetsune KB130

Your price: $299.95
Ryu Kanetsune KB131

KB131 - Ryu Kanetsune KB131

Your price: $289.95
Sakura Kanetsune KB201

KB201 - Sakura Kanetsune KB201

Your price: $179.95
Santoku Kanetsune KC103

KC103 - Santoku Kanetsune KC103

Your price: $139.95
Takumi Tsurugi Kanetsune KB218

KB218 - Takumi Tsurugi Kanetsune KB218

Your price: $99.95
Tora Kanetsune KB132

KB132 - Tora Kanetsune KB132

Your price: $249.95
Urushi Kanetsune KB203

KB203 - Urushi Kanetsune KB203

Your price: $189.95
Yama Kanetsune KB223

KB223 - Yama Kanetsune KB223

Your price: $54.95
Yanagiba Kanetsune KC503

KC503 - Yanagiba Kanetsune KC503

Your price: $142.95
Yoh Kanetsune KB231

KB231 - Yoh Kanetsune KB231

Your price: $188.95
Yuh Kanetsune KB105

KB105 - Yuh Kanetsune KB105

Your price: $395.95
Yume L Kanetsune KB124

KB124 - Yume L Kanetsune KB124

Your price: $312.95
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