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Kong climbing gear and rescue equipment provide an excellent platform for ensuring safety and piece of mind.

Kong Ascenders

Kong Duck Ascender

888 - Kong Duck Ascender

Your price: $59.29

Kong Futura Chest Ascender

82401N - Kong Futura Chest Ascender

Your price: $75.08

These pieces of equipment are professional and elite standard, but are affordable enough to purchase even for a hobbyist. Kong rescue equipment features several must-have pieces such as the Kong Back-Up fall arrest kit and a stretcher. Also new from Kong are the Ultra light weight Kong Leef Helmet.

Regardless of your level of expertise, safety protocols should always be followed when entering into nature. Having a fall arrest kit is extremely important if attempting to climb anything; it acts as a safety line and can be the only thing standing between a climber and a serious injury. Should an injury occur it is extremely important to be prepared to safely handle the injured person.

Kong Express Frog Quickdraw

761SET4000K - Kong Express Frog Quickdraw

Your price: $39.55
Kong Futura Mini Hauler

81802N - Kong Futura Mini Hauler

Your price: $127.61
Kong Ghost Belay Device

435111 - Kong Ghost Belay Device

Your price: $28.00 - $38.00
Kong Gigi

434826 - Kong Gigi

Your price: $13.95
Kong Hydrobot Descender

435113 - Kong Hydrobot Descender

Your price: $35.00
The stretcher offered by Kong rescue equipment provides a safe platform to easily move an injured person without further adding to the damages. Kong rescue equipment features many different forms of rescue equipment, some of which the hobbyist might be unaware are needed until it is too late. It is extremely important to research which safety and rescue equipment might be needed before venturing into the wild.

Kong Pamir Pulley

435100 - Kong Pamir Pulley

Your price: $89.95



Your price: $24.95

Kong Victor Multi-Purpose Harness

8C.03 - Kong Victor Multi-Purpose Harness

Your price: $65.00

Kong Futura Foot Ascender

432582 - Kong Futura Foot Ascender

Your price: $77.03

Kong Duck Ascender

888 - Kong Duck Ascender

Your price: $59.29

At we feature the Kong rescue equipment that can provide some valuable, new information to anyone who is just starting out doing recreational climbing. It is also a valuable source for volunteer firefighters and even for the common home owner. Preparing for an emergency situation is never a bad idea as it can possibly safe lives. House and forest fires can happen when you least expect it and should help take too long to arrive, having your own rescue equipment can be the difference between life and death and Kong rescue equipment ensures that you have great equipment available at hand.
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