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              No, My Mamma didn’t dress me funny, nor did my Daddy raise a fool! 

Properly presenting oneself in today’s business climate is a challenge when making a sales call or at face to face trade meetings. This holds true especially in colder regions where the temperatures drop and precipitation is an unforgiving fact. 

Imagine the thoughts a potential client would have if the vendor arrived shivering cold coming in from a blizzard, yet wearing a high fashion statement suit. Certainly I’d want that person to have a ‘neat’ appearance but not at the expense of a wardrobe that didn’t provide sensible protection from the elements.

 Simply put if you’re bidding for my business, I want to be dealing with someone with common sense.

 More and more, adopting attractive rugged outdoor wear is entering the business community. I leave detailed fashion jargon to others, but the many style of jackets available from Kakadu seem to fill the bill for me.

 When making a presentation I always find it best when I rely on the honesty of being myself, and can demonstrate the strength of product and services knowledge. Perhaps this isn’t a highly ‘polished’ approach but I have reams of sales order forms that support this manner of conducting business.

 The durable and supple barrel washed, gunn-worn, and scrubbed fabrics Kakadu uses dont try to hide a rugged vintage appearance. But they do shout loud and clear; ‘I am built tough, made durable and ready to last.’

 The blend of Australian micro-waxes and oils in the fabric makes it fully weatherproof and windproof when in the cold out of doors, yet the garment becomes ‘breathable’ allowing sweat vapors to permeate through the fabric and escape keeping the wearer fresh and dry.

 Light , Mid, Heavy, and Ultra heavy carded cottons (ranging from 5 to 18 oz. ratings) combined with leather reinforcements, tough hardware , and stitching with attention to detail in mind let’s the Kakadu product line offer just the right ‘fit’ for the customers need.

 No wonder three generations of manned lighthouse keepers off the Australian coast remain satisfied with their gear, and look good all at the same time.

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