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Ready with the Right Gear

Get ready for the best outdoors experience you've ever had! Before heading out, make sure you have your hunting equipment, and don't forget to dress warm and comfortable in your men's canvas vests and jackets from, where we offer:

8MS16 - Kakadu Roston Vest
  1. A 5-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty on Manufacturer Defects You can be sure our men's canvas vests and jackets will keep you warm and cozy!
  2. Durable Materials, Quality Fittings and Vests Styled by Function and Purpose  The Kakadu collection captures the spirit and tradition of good old-fashioned 'hard work' which are the foundations that Australia was built on
  3. Some of the Toughest, Innovative, Most Reliable Workwear and Outerwear Around  Check out our great Kakadu mens canvas vests and other products!
  4. Coming soon we will be offering the newest styles in concealment carry vest from Kakadu Traders Australia

Rugged and Reliable

With men's canvas vests and jackets from, you'll be set for an unforgettable outdoors adventure! Whether you're a hunter, hiker, or are working outdoors, our warm, comfortable and rugged Kakadu men's canvas vests and jackets are what you need. Check out these from our great selection:

1. Mens Canvas Vests and Jackets  Kakadu Aviator Jacket

  • Multi-Purpose  Made of Gunn-Worn canvas with left and right conceal carry facilities
  • Fully Lined These warm and versatile mens canvas jackets are fully lined with 100% cotton

2. Mens Canvas Vests and Jackets  Kakadu Pilbara Jacket

  • Made from Heavy-Gauge Canvas  With a two-piece cowhide collar
  • Adjustable Waist Tabs  And double back vents, action pleats and more
  • With a Brushed Cotton Plaid Lining  Also double headed metal zips, covered by a snap-down storm placket

3J02 - 3J02 Kakadu Pilbara Jacket

3. Mens Canvas Vests and Jackets  Watsons Bay Bomber Jacket

  • A Full Fitting, All Round Bomber Jacket  Constructed from scrubbed canvas, and complete with double stacked riveted, map pockets
  • With a Cowhide Leather Collar  And brushed cotton plaid lining

5BW20 - 5BW20 Kakadu Watson's Bay Bomber Jacket

4. Other Great Mens Canvas Vests and Jackets

  • The Kakadu Nelson Jacket Warm and fitted, with a belt
  • The Kakadu Gold Coast Jacket  Just what you need to be comfortable while getting the job done
  • Many More  At, we have great outdoor clothing

Outstanding Outdoors Adventures

If you want the best mens canvas vests, cheap canvas jackets, and other rugged outdoors gear, we have them. At, you'll get outdoor clothing, best prices, and even canvas Western jackets! Browse from these and more:

  • Oilskin Coats for Sale  Our Aussie oilskin coats for sale include the Kakadu Traditional Drovers Coat and the Kakadu Iron Bark Trench Coat
  • Heavyweight Canvas Shirts for Sale  Whether you're out camping, hunting, riding or working, these shirts are the perfect outdoor wear with their rugged canvas and stitching
  • Bags and Hats  Browse from our Kakadu bags, other fine men's canvas bags, novelty sports gifts, and don't forget to buy one of our great hats!

Whether you are looking for mens canvas vests and jackets or other great Aussie outdoors products, we have them all, and at the best prices!


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