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Excalibur Equinox Full Camo Crossbow

Product #:  52031
Brand:  Excalibur Crosssbows
Description:  Equinox Full Camo Crossbow Description
Excalibur’s 225 lb. Equinox combines the Exomax’s bone crushing power and blistering speeds of up to 350 FPS* with a handsome and ergonomic new thumbhole stock, making it the flagship of the Excalibur line! The Equinox is designed and built with a reduced overall length, making it easier to cock and steadier to hold without sacrificing the amazing downrange performance that has made Excalibur famous. Decorated with new "Realtree AP camouflage using the striking Kolorfusion process, this is a crossbow that will earn it’s place in your trophy room for decades to come. Each Equinox comes tapped to accept Excalibur’s scope and quiver mounts, has sling studs, and sports our fiber optic sight.


- Velocity: 350 fps*
- Draw Weight: 225 lbs.
- Power Stroke: 16.5"
- Mass Weight: 6.4 lbs
- Overall Length: 38.4"
- Arrow Length: 20"
- Arrow Weight: 350 Grain Min.
- Stock Type: Thumbhole
- Finish: Realtree AP HD

*All arrow speed were obtained using a 350 grain arrow and our optional 1989 Flemish Dyna Flight string.
Price:  $699.99


Price: $699.99
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