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Kakadu Iron Bark Trench Coat

Product #:  5O01
Brand:  Kakadu Traders Australia
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Remain warm during cold rainy seasons by wearing the Kakadu Iron Bark Trench Coat This is a beautiful and long-lasting attire that be worn in any type of weather without the owner feeling discomfort. It’s a versatile 3 in 1 multifunction oilskin canvas coat made from high-quality MicroWax oilskin material, accentuated with cowhide leather trims on the edgings. When used in its original condition, the extra-long length will protect your feet from mud pools and extreme cold conditions that are common during rainy seasons. In extremely wet times they can be converted to coveralls, this is done by easily slipping them over the boots up to the tootsies.

Nonetheless, for drier times the Long Rider tags can be snapped back to reach up to 3/4 of the jacket’s overall length. Depending on your specific needs, Kakadu’s storm cape feature can be adjusted to provide cover in case of a downpour, or alternatively act as an insulating layer against cold. This apparatus is fully detachable and can be folded to fit into your trench coat’s internal pockets, this also secures your valuables from falling off when performing whichever tasks when wearing the trench coat. 

Other interesting features 

1. The attire is of generous fit to allow thick layers of clothe to be worn beneath it without the user feeling any kind of uneasiness. Nonetheless, if you don’t intend to wear other dense clothes together with your trench coat then try getting the small-sized version of this apparel.

2. It has semi-adjustable leg straps with lockdown studded tabs that make it easier for one to pull the jacket on or remove it when needs be. 

3. Has large full-length storm flaps which help in locking out the extreme wind that accompanies heavy downpour. 

Kakadu Iron Bark Trench Coat is unisex and can be worn by both men and women alike without the person feeling odd, the other advantage is that they can be worn together with formal or casual clothes depending on the user’s situation.
Available in colors brown or black
Price:  $178.50


Price: $178.50
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