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Game Country Nighthawk 35mm Game Surv Camera

Product #:  7331
Brand:  Game Country

The Game Country Nighthawk surveillance system has been designed with the features desired most by current users of game monitoring cameras. These features are provided by the Nighthawk, which is mounted in a heavy-duty metal case having easy access to film and battery replacement.

  • - Top quality, fully automatic 35mm camera uses color or black and white film up to 36 exposures with an ISO rating of 100 to 400.
  • Date or Day and Time may be printed on each photograph. Automatic film advance, flash for night photos and rewind. Camera may be removed and used independently.
  • - Switch allows user to change film, replace batteries, update user program or conduct Walk-Around-Test.When switch is reset, user has 5 minutes to clear area without tripping camera.
  • - Delay between pictures is selected by DIP switch for 1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes.
  • - Three operational modes, using single and dual beam detection, are selected by DIP switch for trail, scrape/food plot or feeder.
  • - Passive infrared heat sensor has small diameter focused sensing beam with a range from 20 to 60 feet. Adjustable sensitivity provides close-up or extended monitoring range.
  • - The "lens binder" eliminates the flash from bouncing off the inside of the enclosure wall and washing out the photo.
  • - Walk-around LED alignment light provides easy set-up of unit.
  • - Sun shade prevents rays from entering IR sensor lens.
  • - Surveillance electronics require four AA style batteries. Batteries normally last 3 to 4 months.
  • - Nylon belt is included to fasten camera housing to tree. Galvanized steel security cable is available. An internal screw may be used to directly fasten unit to a tree.
  • - Battery level indicator monitors battery voltage.
  • - Super strong extruded aluminum construction provides a waterproof, bug proof and dust proof enclosure. No flimsy plastic enclosure as in some more expensive units.
  • - Enclosure provides self-locking door with provision for padlock.
Price:  $95.95


Price: $95.95
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