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Tenpoint Defender Cls Crossbow Pkg w/Acu 3XPro

Product #:  7622
Brand:  Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies
Description:  An innovative fusion between TenPoint Series CLS bow technology and 6 Point Series stock technology, the NEW and potent Defender CLS is fast, lightweight,
maneuverable and deadly accurate the perfect crossbow for those looking to move up to TenPoint's premium shooting technology at an affordable 6 Point price range.


Featuring TenPoint's Compact Limb System Technology (CLS), an innovative one-piece riser and foot stirrup, 12-inch 175-pound IsoTaper limbs fitted with maximum rotation (MR) cams, and Brownell Ultra-Cam string and cables, this bow assembly shoots in excess of 330 fps with a hunter friendly 13.0-inch power stroke and a maneuverable 17.5-inch axle-to-axle span when cocked.

Dipped in Mossy Oak Treestand ® camo, the Defender CLS is a highly functional blend of great balance, precision engineering, and high-end performance.

Price:  $1,099.99


Price: $1,099.99
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