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Kong Soul Ice Axe

Product #:  885000000KK
Brand:  Kong USA
Description:  Soul, an ice axe with a spirit, an ice axe that does not attack the ice but it penetrates efficiently without transmitting bad vibrations on the arms.
A product that incorporates the best of the tradition reinterpreting it in a modern way, mixing wood and light aluminum alloy, tradition and innovation, nature and technology.
The surprising efficiency of this tool will amaze you, try it.

Technical features:
Weight: 590 g
Length: 50 cm
Interchangeable steel blade
Wooden core (Iroko) that stops any vibrations
Alu alloy side plates guarantees strength and lightness
Optional hammer easy to assemble # 885010000KK
Optional elastic lanyard # 885020000KK
Certified CE category II 
Produced in Italy
Price:  $299.47


Price: $299.47
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