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Kong Langtang Backpack

Product #:  982523000KK
Brand:  Kong USA
Description:  Backpack for expeditions and rescue activities with great volume, it has been designed to be used in long and challenging canyon.
Intended for professional use, guides, instructors, technical rescue in canyons, explorers 
Main features:
•    great volume (60 liters)
•    fast emptying thanks to the mesh structure (rapid emptying means less fatigue)
•    light and comfortable during transportation, thanks to the backrest mesh structure that allows a good transpiration
•    detachable top flap that can be used separately as a bolting bag (hammer for anchors, spit driller, camera etc.)
•    practical lateral compression belts that allow you to attach ropes and other large objects to the backpack in the approach phase, dedicating the internal volume to the wetsuit and other delicate objects. The belts are also necessary  for the attachment of the rope bag Lirung to the backpack, for an easier transport and use of the rope.
•    adjustable shoulder straps with quick release for disengaging, with daisy chain integrated
•    adjustable waist belt concealed in special bags
•    practical and solid ergonomic carrying handles 
•    internal loops for gear holders in 2 vivid colours
•    internal rings for attachment of rope extremities in 2 vivid colours
•    practical bag carrying emergency rope (it can contain 60 meters of 8.5mm rope), with internal rings for rope extremities and ring for hooking the harness
•    ice axe holder for canyon with snow: very practical and rapid extraction and reinsertion of the ice axe with the worn backpack
Price:  $499.80


Price: $499.80
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