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Black Widow High Rise Lift

Product #:  BW High Rise
Brand:  Rage Powersports
What a great new item from Rage Powersports.

Lift a motorcycle, ATV or lawn tractor for servicing, maintenance, cleaning, storage and display with the BW-HIGH-RISE Motorcycle/ATV Lift. Easily operate the 1,500 lb. capacity lift with 90 to 120 PSI or with a foot pedal. The pneumatic/hydraulic pump has a 46" long hose allowing the pump to be moved out of the way during servicing. For rear wheel access, the BW-HIGH-RISE has a rear access panel that can be removed to provide a 17"W x 21"L work area. Includes a 7-position safety lock mechanism, 2 removable 10"W side panels, heavy duty dolly caster wheels, a reinforced diamond plate deck, an integrated center-position wheel chock, and 2 tie-down eyelets. Finished with a black powder coat for surface durability and appearance. Comes with a 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty.


  • black widow high rise lift1,500 lb Capacity for lifting Motorcycles, ATVs and Lawn Tractors
  • Reinforced diamond-plate platform deck
  • 7 Position safety lock
  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic pump with 46" flexible pump hose
  • Operates with a minimum of 90-100 PSI and a maximum of 120 PSI or by the hydraulic foot pedal
  • 2 Removable side panels add 20" to overall platform width
  • Heavy duty dolly caster wheels
  • Rear access panel (17"W x 21"L work area)
  • Integrated center-position wheel chock and tiedown eyelets
  • 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • bw high rise lift
Price:  $1,399.00

BW High Rise

Price: $1,399.00
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