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Venture Heat Epic Series Heated Gloves

Product #:  BX-805
Brand:  Venture Heated

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Warm and Toasty hands are within your grasp this Winter!

Waterproof and Breathable, the Epic Series Heated Gloves offer protection for melted snow ans water splashes.

Made of genuine leather and shock resistant, it effectively protects your hands from the rough terrain ahead.

Heating elements are placed on every finger to ensure your warmth and comfort. You may also select from 3 different temperature settings for your ultimate comfort and to extend battery life.

Our +Venture winter sports clothing features the latest in battery and heating technology to enable you to create your own personal micro-climate because nothing should come between you and your passion – not even Mother Nature.

Tailored with the Latest Styles from the slopes, our heated clothing are WARM, LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE

Price:  $199.99


Price: $199.99
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