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Ski RAX Corner 8

Product #:  Corner 8/9
Brand:  RAX by Radically Inclined
Beautiful, classy. Perfect for any ski home, cabin or condo. This stores 8 pair of skis, up to 102mm tails, very nicely in the corner.

Finally, a quality ski storage system for the home, mountain cabin or ski condo!

How many of us have stored our expensive ski investment in a pile in the darkest dirtiest corner of the garage only to have to move them or knock them over numerous times throughout the year. Storing skis at home is always a challenge, no longer. RAX are top quality hand made cedar construction and will last for decades!  All RAX work great for twin tips, Nordic and kids skis too! We have RAX to fit any of your needs!
Dimensions 19" x 19" x 23"
Add the 5 wheel kit for mobility.
Price:  $436.00 - $484.20

Corner 8/9

5 Wheel Kit (+$48.20): 
$436.00 - $484.20
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