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Fusion Climb Tessa Speed Pulley

Product #:  FP-8154-2
Brand:  Fusion Climb
This light-weight, Stainless steel sheaves, stainless steel ball-bearing speed pulley is a great choice for a variety of industrial and sports applications. It has aluminum side plates with smooth rounded edges and sealed stainless steel ball bearings for more efficient performance and dual pulley stability. It is designed with a large hole for ease of carabiner attachment. High efficiency, 20 m/s.  Available in 13mm Red, Pewter or Purple.

Type  Opening (mm)
 Major (kN/Lb)  Open Gate
 Tandem Trolley
 18.3 24 / 5,400


Cable Size (mm)
 Length (mm)
Height (mm)
 Weight (Oz)
13  107 78.5
Price:  $54.50


Price: $54.50
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