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4x4 Fishing Rod RAX 4

Product #:  Fishing Rod 4
Brand:  RAX by Radically Inclined

Finally - quality storage and display racks to take care of your fishing equipment!

Now you can get top quality, hand crafted storage and display racks for your quiver of Fishing Rods. These RAX not only show off your equipment nicely, but prevents the tangled mess that happens when storing fishing equipment.

  •  100% hand crafted cedar
  •  Beautifully finished and really displays your equipment nicely
  •  Each RAX is fire heat branded and signed, dated and numbered by the craftsman
  •  Comes complete with easy mounting hardware, mounts to most any wall
  •  These racks will work with all kinds of fishing rods - spin cast, fly rods or saltwater gear
  •  When mounted it creates a convenient space for your tackle box underneath
  •  No more tangled fishing pole messes!

Need more rod storage? Option for the RAX that hold 6, 8, 12 or 16 fishing rods.


Price:  $98.00 - $352.00

Fishing Rod 4

Fishing Rod RAX 6 (+$26.00): 
Fishing Rod RAX 8 (+$51.00): 
Fishing Rod RAX 12 (+$76.00): 
Fishing Rod RAX 16 (+$101.00): 
$98.00 - $352.00
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