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Venture Heat At-Home Heat Therapy Ankle Wrap

Product #:  KB-1230
Brand:  +Venture Heat

KB-1230 Ankle Wrap-Home At-Home FIR Pain Relief Series Ankle pains and injuries can prevent you from doing one of the most important things comfortably - walk! These types of injuries are most common amongst all types of runners and sports which require running. The +Venture At-Home Heat Wrap utilizes Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Technology to safely provide deep penetrating heat below the skin for maximum therapeutic pain relief.
Our At-Home Heat Therapy features Safe, Low-Voltage Technology utilizing a safer, lower DC (12V/24V) voltage design compared to traditional AC (110V) heating pads. Our heat wraps are ergonomically designed with our 3D Ergonomic Tailoring contoured to the curvature of the joint and built with neoprene and fleece for mild compression and ultimate fit. APPLICATIONS Tendonitis, Ligament Injuries, Sprains, ACL Injuries, and more.


Price:  $99.00


Price: $99.00
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