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Venture Heat 12V Unisex Elite Heated Vest

Product #:  MC-25
Brand:  Venture Heated Clothing
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MC-25 12V Elite Vest 12V Heated Clothing Our MC-25 Elite Vest is the perfect choice for those looking for a sleeveless style option to our Motorcycle Jacket Liner.

Heating panels cover almost the entire surface area of the vest to keep you warm as a mid-layer option or by itself. It also features stretchable wing panels for the most comfortable fit.

Our +Venture Powersports clothing features the latest in innovation and heating technology to enable you to create your own personal micro-climate with ease because nothing should come between you and your passion - not even Mother Nature.

Limited Lifetime Warranty We are so confident in our technology that we are providing a lifetime warranty on our revolutionary, coil-free heating elements to our customers for all of our 12V Powersports products. 

If any defects or problems occur (limits apply) with the heating elements at any time, our customer service will be happy to repair the item for you! Warmth without Layers Eliminate the bulk! Layering is NOT the most effective way to stay warm. Traditional outerwear attempts to trap your body heat between layers.

Active heating provides the ideal solution in cold climates. Xtreme Comfort Technology (XCT) Our Powersports 12V heated clothing features revolutionary micro-alloy heating fibers that do away with primitive wiring and result in coil-free and lightweight heated clothing.

The heating panels are soft, pliable, and ultra-thin. They evenly distribute energy-efficient, single-sided radiant heat to ensure that heat will stay next to the body where you need it most.

Price:  $169.99


Price: $169.99
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