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Commercial Ski and Snowboard RAX

Product #:  RAX 16
Brand:  RAX by Radically Inclined
RAX by Radically Inclined  is a ski, snowboard and skateboard storage system which allows your rental shop, ski resort or resort hotel complete freedom where you store your skis and boards. Your shop can store up to 32 sets of full size skis, 21 fat skis or 16 snowboards in a 2ft x 4ft space. Good looking, sturdy construction; the RAX frames are constructed out of Western Red Cedar. Cedar is naturally water resistant so it will withstand years of exposure to wet dripping skis, without the toxic chemicals of treated woods. The skis are stored by the tails in 4” heavy duty PVC tubing which can handle skis with a tail width up to 102mm. FAT  RAX  can store just about any fat ski and twin tip ski made, handling tail widths up to 128mm.
RAX are constructed using handcrafted furniture quality craftsmanship. The use of lap joints, miter joints at all corners, galvanized screws in the frame, stainless steel screws with finishing washers and tongue and grooved cedar exterior (NO particle board, NO nails), make RAX a top quality product that will last for years. The only moving parts on RAX are the heavy duty castors which this mobile system is mounted on. Finally ski, snowboard and skateboards racks that not only look awesome, but makes sense and are easy to use.

Key Benefits

  • Total versatility where you want your skis and snowboards

  •  Condensed storage gives you more room for what you need, up to 32 skis in a 2’x4’space

  • Perfect for off season storage, creates space when and where you need it

  • Quality craftsmanship for a long lasting durable product

  • Good looking, nice to touch, real wood construction and finish

  • No expensive fixed rails

  • Great rental check-out system, start with a loaded RAX, when its done, get another one

  • Keeps the ski’s close to the check-out location saving steps, therefore saving time

  • Great rental customer return, load up a RAX, roll them to maintenance and storage

  • No moving or flexing parts to break, maintenance free system

  • Easy placement and removal of skis and snowboards

  • Holds ski’s up to 102mm wide, regular, twin tip and x-country

  • FAT RAX  hold up to 128mm wide tails

  • Snowboard RAX holds 16 boards with bindings

  • Skateboard RAX display your boards very nicely and saves space

  • This is your shops children’s ski storage solution, store children’s skis tip down

  • There is an on the snow option available, roll it from the shop, slide it on the snow

  • Custom designs and finishes are also available

  • Exceptionally stable, won’t tip over

  • RAX will fit through standard door widths

  • Full 2 year warranty

  • Contact us for a shipping quote



Price:  $449.00 - $1,061.00

Naked RAX

Naked Snowboard RAX 16: 
Snowboard RAX 16 (+$62.00): 
Naked Ski RAX 16 (+$67.00): 
Ski RAX 16 (+$129.00): 
Naked Fat Ski RAX 16 (+$159.00): 
Fat Ski RAX 16 (+$195.00): 
$449.00 - $1,061.00
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