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Fusion Climb Interceptor Rappel Kit

Product #:  RP-107-C
Brand:  Fusion Climb
Description:  A compact rappel kit designed specifically for use with police interceptor vehicles. If highway patrol comes across a car over the edge, or in an urgent tactical situation you can pull the kit, put on the harness and be ready to rappel in seconds. The harness utilizes the high strength quick release buckles so it goes on easily without having to step into or remove your duty or tactical belt. The rope has been pre-tied with a double figure “8” and backup knot on both ends so you can’t rappel off the end of the rope, then sealed to prevent untying. The aluminum Rescue “8” descender is already set up on the rope with a locking carabiner AND is already clipped into the harness and locked. The large “ears” on the Rescue “8” also allow you to easily tie off the rope and go hands free. Plus the over sized Primo carabiner can clip directly to the ram rod on the front of your cruiser to anchor the rope. Included 2 extra locking carabiners. No knots to tie, no set up, everything is ready to go! Available in 50ft, 70ft and 100ft rope lengths.
Price:  $220.00 - $285.00


100 ft Rope (+$45.00): 
50 ft Rope: 
75 ft Rope (+$20.00): 
$220.00 - $285.00
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