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Parker Hornet Ext 165# Crossbow Pkg w/Ill Multi Reticle Scope

Product #:  X2151
Brand:  Parker Compound Bows
Description:  Serious hunters appreciate the importance of a modern crossbow design that increases their success. The new Hornet Extreme crossbow is the perfect blend of performance, and compactness while maintaining all of the benefits of of a finely tuned hunting machine.

The Hornet Extreme is ultra compact with an axle to axle dimension of only 21.5" and a mass weight of a mere 7 pounds with the optics installed. The Hornet Extreme is powered by 165 pound limbs and zips arrows at 315 feet per second... generating over 90 foot pounds of kinetic energy. That's enough sting to take down the largest big game.

Parkers advanced G2 Trigger System features an ambidextrous auto engage safety that has an anti dry fire mechanism built in, preventing accidental firing with no arrow in position.

The vented forearm with safety finger flange complements the styling of the Hornet Extreme's ergonomic pistol grip and Monte Carlo stock design for enhanced aiming and comfort.

Decorated in Next "Vista" camo, with Parker's Soft Touch finish to reduce grip slip, the Hornet Extreme is a pleasure to shoot all day.

Available in five optics packages, the Hornet Extreme also comes with a quick detach four arrow quiver to complete the package.

Fits right or left hand.

Features * Short, Light Weight Design
* Next "Vista" Camo with Soft Touch Finish
* Thumb-hole Pistol Grip Design
* Vented Forearm with Safety Finger Flange
* RED HOT String & Cable
* G2 Trigger
* Auto-engage, Ambidextrous Safety
* Anti Dry-Fire Device
Price:  $649.95


Price: $649.95
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