rugged outdoor wear and more

Nothing protects your gear from odors and abuse like AirLock®.
Watson Airlock products feature premium Barrier™ polyester fabric treated
on both sides with our exclusive Back2Back® coating and seam-sealed
linings. The result: Superior odor protection and unmatched water
and abrasion resistance.

Watson Airlock is Bowhunting World Reader's Choice Silver Award of 2013

Watson AirLock® Camo Carrier

Watson ACC - Watson AirLock® Camo Carrier

Your price: $99.99

Watson AirLock® Camo Carrier Pink

Watson ACCP - Watson AirLock® Camo Carrier Pink

Your price: $109.99

Watson AirLock® Bottomless34

Watson AB34 - Watson AirLock® Bottomless34

Your price: $299.99

Watson AirLock® Bottomless26

Watson AB26 - Watson AirLock® Bottomless26

Your price: $199.99

Watson AirLock® Bottomless26 Pink

Watson AB26P - Watson AirLock® Bottomless26 Pink

Your price: $209.99


Airlock Technology Locks Out Odors and Keeps Your Gear Dry

Watson Airlock is Rugged Hardware That Let's You Go Anywhere
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