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Elevated Performance, Even When You Are Just Chilling

Fending off sun, wind and debris is the #1 priority of Wiley X lenses. We accomplish this through incredible materials and precision manufacturing when crafting every lens.

We start with the shatterproof Selenite lenses. Individual polycarbonate lenses are formulated and die-cut to eliminate distortion. Result: presise optical clarity and optimal visual acuity. We add the precise amount of dyes needed to eliminate eye fatigue and strain.

All Wiley X lenses block 100% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays (up to 400 nanometers). Because in the end, enhancing vision is te Wiley X way.

Wiley X Challenges The Outdoors And Looks Good Doing It

Go ahead. Get out. Challenge the world outdoors. Whatever your pursuit, Wiley X keeps your eyes protected. And you won't sacrifice attractiveness for protection when you wear Wiley X eyewear.

We know you have to share the outdoors with sun rays, debris, wind, dust and pollen which can irritate and even damage your eyes. And yet, looking your best when you come down off the mountain, or climb off your bike, is absolutely just as important.

So Wiley X designs eyewear the way you live your life. We make every pair with equal parts high-performance technologies, real-world functionality and kick-butt style. Wiley X Eyewear: for off-the-chart eye protection, and out-of-this-world looks.

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